Marianne Jaggard


          Marianne Jaggard first developed her love for performing in her hometown of North Reading, MA. As a child, Friday night family movie nights introduced and allowed her to observe all of the screen greats on a regular basis. Inspired especially by the Wizard of Oz, she could be caught reenacting scenes from the movie and belting out it’s famous tunes. As she explored more musical genres and classic films, she was instantly bitten by the bug. Marianne would entertain her family as she tried to emulate the actors and singers she admired so much, helping her find her own voice.

          When Marianne reached Junior High, her driven demeanor led her to volunteer to perform solos for her church. When the audience applauded, she was hooked and wanted more. A local voice teacher heard Marianne sing and sought her out to help further her potential. She had an extraordinary sound and a wonderful connection with the audience. Inspired by her experience, Marianne got involved with her school’s chorus, theater, and cheerleading squad. She was always very focused, positive, and a team player.

          After Marianne graduated High School, she got involved with local theater productions around the East Coast. Despite her Blue Collar upbringing, she was determined to pursue her passion regardless of what was realistically possible. Respecting her parents and taking their advice, she devised a backup plan to financially support her drive to stardom. Marianne graduated from Beauty School with her license in Cosmetology allowing her to color, cut, and treat hair.

          In between her theater gigs and local commercials, she spent time investing in herself by also cutting her first pop demo with 7 covers of her favorite songs. After her work days in the salon, she studied all of her favorite TV shows, films, and the women who’s acting careers she could identify with.

          Through this research, she found Hollywood’s popular acting coach John Kirby and quickly decided she WILL study with him one day. Marianne’s game plan was to move to Hollywood in order to make that happen. She laid down her shears, loaded up the car with her amazingly supportive husband, Justin, and all of their fur babies, and started driving west.

          After arriving in California and wanting to cover all of her creative bases including her love for animation and voiceover, she took classes at Bunny and Bud Barth's Del Mar Media Arts studying under Robert Gunton and completed her voiceover reel. Manifesting her original vision, Marianne auditioned for the John Kirby Studio and was welcomed with open arms. She quickly began working privately with John and enrolled in his intensive group study where she broke new ground in her craft. Believing she could do great work, Marianne began auditions in LA and within a few months booked her first lead in a courtroom drama, where she ironically played a hairdresser.

          Marianne continues to pursue her acting, singing, and representation as she aims to create the perfect team to make her dreams become a reality. Marianne Jaggard is currently studying with Hollywood’s premier acting coach, John Kirby and LA’s renowned vocal coach, Tova Morcos.